Mayor For Cambridgeshire - explaination

Running for Mayor of Cambridgeshire had a number of objectives

  • To get a number of ideas into the political arena

  • To learn the state of local democracy

  • To raise my personal profile in Cambridgeshire

  • To learn more about Cambridgeshire

  • To get enough votes to be able to look the Mayor in the eye and have respect

    All but the last one of these was successful

  • Ideas

    • Promote the building of a Wash barrier

    • Promote building of Northstowe as a New Town

    • Build the houses needed by using a modular system

    • Various ideas relating to transport (See link here)

  • Local Democracy

    I have to conclude that local democracy is dead! The media totally marginalised my candidature, giving time and space only the three main party political candidates

  • Profile

    Judging by the number of people who say they voted for me as a travel around the county, I think this was a success

  • The challenges facing Peterborough, Cambridge and surrounds and Fenland are totally different. The idea that a Combined Authority is the right way to solve them is wrong.

For what it is worth,

  • Cambridge and S Cambs should have been merged, under an executive Mayor.

  • Peterborough should have been expanded to include it’s necklace communities.

  • Fenland should be joined to the Lincolnshire fens and some of West Norfolk with Kings Lynn its capital