Website for an improbale career

I have been re-establishing my website, after some years of neglect. A frustrating endeavour! As I am finding it difficult to transfer the breadth, depth and diversity of my career so far. Let alone the significance of the projects I’ve initiated.

The Internet years at Unipalm-PIPEX and Internet Watch, where I had several key roles in how the industry developed. How Flute Ltd that destroyed the European Telcos Cartel, How Resonance Ltd has transformed the finances of the “Third Sector” inventing “ Impact Investing” which is now a multi £billion sector. How my Pivot initiative lead to massive changes in the benefit system.

Whilst I have been at the forefront of many technology initiatives, Ecash, Cloud computing, Voice over IP, Distributed Media, Convergent media, Open messaging, typically I have failed to make the breakthrough to market, seeing similar businesses ( Bitcoin, Dropbox, BBC, Skybox, Snapchat) come through a few years later making the impact I’d hoped for.

The Global Sustainability Institute’s Global Resource Observatory, now spun out into Exoshock Ltd, will probably be my the most significant contribution to mankind. Understanding the dynamics of the global food and economic system means that we can see the future and plan. It can also be used to mitigate the consequences of a crisis, by testing strategies before they are implemented. That it has already improved the global response to world crop failure is a result of some magnitude.

On a local scale, initiative for homeless, community building and transport have had mixed results. The Jubilee Project has provided shelter and work for homeless in Cambridge, Red TV, Red Radio, Cambridge TV and The Peterborough Theatre have all created community resources that have developed communities.

Even the page of current projects fails to get over my continued commitment to a better world.

All of these projects are underpinned by a unique understanding of political and natural philosophy. As an Aetheist, finding a reason not to be selfish is a challenge. Understanding that “Complex System” are everywhere and how they behave is critical to how one can change the world.

Take a stroll through my website and see if you can gain an understanding of what one can achieve with thought and patience.