Jagyu© - Premium high welfare beef from Peter Dawe’s own farm.

Jagyu© - The beef brand owned by Dawe Estates limited to market our very special beef.

We source calves from a Jersey herd, which previously would have been slaughtered young. We persuaded the dairy farm to use a Wagyu sire on his Jersey milkers, giving us a Wagyu Jersey hybrid cow. We take these after weaning and grow them mainly on natural pasture, taking them in in winter when necessary. We use the minimum of treatments, and we guarantee JAGYU© branded beef has not had any anti-biotic treatments.

Wagyu is a breed of cow that has been bred for flavour. Its meat has high levels of “Marbling” with a fat that has a lower than normal melting point. Co-incidentally, Jersey cows also have a high level of muscular fat, so the hybrid is very similar to full Wagyu. ( Be aware, many butchers and resturants market hybid Wagyu as “Wagyu”, with sometimes less than 25% of Wagyu DNA, We believe that the more common Wagyu-Angus crosses do not deliver the same degree of marbling ).

Dawe Estates have partnered with Mill Road Butchers in Cambridge, to supply them with their Jagyu beef

As ramping up beef production takes years, availability of Jagyu will be limited in 2019.