JAGYU © Dawe Estates Ltd own brand of High Welfare hybrid beef.

Working in partnership with a Jersey dairy farmer, Dawe Estates take the surplus calves from a dairy herd and grow them on to be the best beef possible.

We persuaded our dairy farmer to cross his Jersey herd with world renown Wagyu, rather than Angus or Belgium Blue, Wagyu, being a small animal, makes calving safer for the Jersay.

Wagyu’s high levels of “Marbling” and the low melting point fat that European beef breeds, combined with the Jersey’s high levels of intra muscular fat means we get a beef that is second to none in terms of taste.

Our herd is kept to the highest standard of welfare, being kept and fed on long established meadows for as long as possible, and only bringing them in under cover when necessary.

All beef branded as JAGYU© has had the minimum of medical treatments and is guaranteed never to have been administered any anti-biotics.

Dawe Estates has partnered with Mill Road Butchers, in Cambridge. who carefully butcher the meat using traditional methods.

Establishing our herd takes time, so availability of Jagyu© will be limited in 2019, but should be available regularly from Mill Road Butchers from 2020. Ask Mickey at Mill Road to let you know when they have JAGYU© in stock.