JAGYU© The Best Beef we can make

JAGYU© is the Dawe Estates premium beef brand. We have developed a Wagyu/Jersey Hybrid animal which we grow in the most natural way possible. This creates a meat that has high “Marbling” and the low melting point fat of Wagu, using the surplus calves from our partners Jersey dairy herd.

Wagyu is a Japanese developed cow that has high levels of “Marbling” and a low fat melting point to make some of the most flavoursome beef available. Jersey cows, unlike Aberdeen Angus or Belgium Blue, also have natural intra-muscular fat so do not dilute the advantages of the Wagyu

We have partnered with Mill Road Butchers in Cambridge to bring this premium beef to market again using tradition butchery techniques.

As we develop the herd, availability will be limited in 2019, so ask Mickey at Mill Road to let you know when he has JAGYU available!

Our beef herd is kept on permanent pasture for as long as possible, only being housed when necessary. All JAGYU© beef is guaranteed never to have had anti-biotic treatment.