Changing the World

I have an extra-ordinary life! This site allows me to share the successes, failures and work-in-progress of the 100s of projects I have initiated over my lifetime. I hope this site will demonstrate that one person really can “Change the World”, but not without suffering many failures!

Some people will find many of parts of this site “unbelievable”. Indeed I find myself being credulous about what I’ve done. However, even the most cynical will have to agree that I have at least been a “Forest Gump”… being present when major changes happen.


My projects cross a wide range of subjects: Communications, Financial Services, Consumer Electronics, Town Planning, Farming, Politics, Homelessness, Transport and many others, and scale: Local community initiatives to global business. It turns out that the processes of changing the world are similar, whatever the change you are seeking to make.


I have put a lot of thought into various levels of philosophy. From the meaning of life, through being “Human” to natural philosophy, complex systems in particular. at some point I will risk exposing these thoughts, which many (including me!) will find uncomfortable