Below are the active projects I am working on currently (Jan 2019). This doesn’t include the various prototyping work for future projects, now the support I give to other people’s projects. All these projects have been initiated by me.

Current Projects

  • Peterborough Theatre - Reopening a dark theatre that is a key community resource

  • Resonance Ltd - Inventor of “Impact Investing” with over £200m invested in Not-for-Profit organisations

  • Dawe Estates Ltd - Converting an Intensive arable farm to a self-sufficient mixed farm

    • Jagyu© - Our premium brand of Wagyu hybrid Beef from our high welfare herd

  • Beat the Bear- Building a self-sufficient community that will thrive, even if the rest of the world is failing

  • DawePost Ltd - Safe, open messaging system to liberate us from the social media giants

    • WizPar - Our messaging app that allows everyone to be a Facebook, or Whatsapp

      • Local News - Our demonstration of how WizPar can be used as a community builder

        • Ely

        • Cambridge

  • Dawe Developments Ltd - Building houses, when the planners do everything possible to maximise the land owners profits

  • Dawe Charitable Trust - Financing transformational not-for-profit organisations

  • CitiPod - A Single person electric car that will transform urban transport

  • ExoShock Ltd - A world economic model that allows us to predict where the next victims of an unsustainable world will be.

  • Harvest Heat Ltd - Heating systems using renewable fuels.

  • Sunflowers - Transforming how children with fragile health are cared for.

  • Wash-Tidal Barrier - Protecting the Cambridgeshire Fens from the inevitable consequences of sea-level rise