Most of the content of this site is in the Peters Public Files area. I'm trying to organise them in a way, that allows people with a particular interest to see related material nearby.

My guess is readers will be interested in either:-

My businesses, past, current and yet to be developed ideas and projects.  

My activities relating to the Cambridge and Ely communities

My ideas in the area of philosophy, As an atheist, why bother? 

My political thoughts, Can one construct a better way of governance?

My Economic thoughts, If money isn't everything, what and how do you optimise?

You will find many lists, mostly incomplete! This is how I tend the record my thoughts. I use Ubuntu and OpenOffice. so you may find you have to load the free OpenOffice suite to view or convert to your preferred file format.

While I retain copyright for all of this material, you are free to use, modify and e-publish any of this site, so long as you attribute the use to Peter Dawe. 

If you create a successful business from any of the ideas, you are welcome to gift shares or money to myself, or to the Dawe Charitable Trust as a mark of gratitude.