My guess is readers will be interested in either:-

  • My businesses, past, current and yet to be developed ideas and projects.  

  • My activities relating to the Cambridge and Ely communities

  • My ideas in the area of philosophy, As an atheist, why bother? 

  • My political thoughts, Can one construct a better way of governance?

  • My economic thoughts, If money isn't everything, what and how do you optimise?

  • You will find many lists, mostly incomplete! This is how I tend the record my thoughts. I use Ubuntu and OpenOffice. so you may find you have to load the free OpenOffice suite to view or convert to your preferred file format.

  • While I retain copyright for all of this material, you are free to use, modify and e-publish any of this site, so long as you attribute the use to Peter Dawe. 

  • If you create a successful business from any of the ideas, you are welcome to gift shares or money to myself, or to the Dawe Charitable Trust as a mark of gratitude.