Dawe Media Ltd was set up to demonstrate the use of cross media integration. Using common resources to supply Radio, TV, Live Venues and print media. 

Dawe Media owned KLFM, Oxygen Radio, Red Radio, Red TV and the Red Cafe. 

The key aspect was the "RED" franchise in Cambridge.

Lessons learnt:- 

  1. If you are innovating, don't recruit staff who have only traditional experience
  2. Local Radio is a marginal business, with income barely covering costs
  3. Local TV has 10 times the costs of local radio and 1/10th the revenues.
  4. You can make good watchable programmes very cheaply
  5. Hands-on experience of TV production is a better route to a career in TV than a BA in Media Studies
  6. "You get training, access and exposure to TV, I get programmes" is a viable contract
  7. Production "as-live"  (vision mixing) is much cheaper than any editing and almost as watchable
  8. Local politicians can be obstructive when they think you are providing services that they think are their turf ( community media access). E.g. Onerous planning restrictions, demands for  "community" talking shops, financing competitive community facilities to take volunteers away