DawePost Vision

Proprietary messaging systems are a danger to society. They allow their controllers to observe, filter and manipulate that information at their will. While users may see short term and narrow benefits to being part of an integrated mass system, The opportunity to abuse the position is dangerous, even if the current operators are benign, a new owner might not be.

The DawePost vision is to provide a messaging architecture that gives the benefits of an integrated system, but without giving access to a monolithic service provider. Using the model devised for the Internet and Worldwide Web, the answer is to create a distributed system where anyone can operate at any level in the system. Most people will be content to use just one or two large services provider for most of their messaging use, but importantly, they can easily add, switch or leave providers at will. It is also important that those who want to operate their own system can, without barriers to entry operated by a caucus of providers. Whilst the traditional Email system does much of this, it was designed for off-line and has failed to embrace innovation. (Today’s email is remarkably similar to the original IBM PROFS system 30 years ago!).

The DawePost Vision splits messaging into three tasks, transmission, message stream handling and message display.


The DawePost system allows messages to propagate by multiple means. ideally it should be transmission neutral. The system allows real-time and offline messaging. It allows messages to go directly from device to device, hop across multiple devices and services or go via a single service. For security, a message might only be allowed on certain servers, of only be sent peer to peer without going through any server.

Message Stream handling

Messages are organised into message streams. Different applications need these streams to behave in different ways. Streams might be permanently stored, whilst others delete after a time or after read. Who can read or write to a stream can vary, e.g. A stream only you can read is an email, one that only you can write is a blog.


How a message stream alerts the user of new or unread messages, Having a display that encourages use,is attractive. That the User Interface is simple and intuitive. Both plain text and HTML need to be supported, and ideally encrypted messages

DawePost Usage examples


WizPar is DawePost’s demonstration app, implementing most of the benefits of the DawePost Vision.