JAGYU© The Tastiest beef we can grow

JAGYU© is Dawe Estates premium beef brand. Our special Wagyu/Jersey hybrid animals brings the taste qualities of Wagyu to the surplus calves of a our partners Jersey dairy herd.

Wagyu and Jersey both have natural intra muscular fat “Marbling” that gives extra flavour to the meat. The low melting point fat of the Wagyu makes a meat that excels in both flavour and tenderness.

Our high welfare herd is kept on traditional permanent pasture for as long as possible, with the beast only being brought in when necessary. JAGYU© beef is guaranteed never to have had antibiotics.

We have partnered with Mill Road Butchers in Cambridge, where their use of traditional butchery ensure that no quality is lost in the supply chain. Availability will be limited in 2019, so have a word with Mickey to ensure you know when he has any available.