The Dawe Charitable Trust identified a unique individual, (Nadia Bowes) that wanted to set up a model farm in Mozambique. 

Due to the years of civil war, many traditional farming skills were lost. Subsistence farming has become little more than clearing ground, planting Cassava and Maize seeds just before monsoon, then harvesting.

The model farm provided a hands-on training facility, allowing people from surrounding villages to stay for a few weeks and learn basic horticultural skills. E.g. green manure, shade planting, growing high vitamin crops, integration with chickens and pest control. 

The farm became self-sufficient by selling the fresh vegetables from the training crops to a nearby game lodge.

Another part of the scheme was to make small loans to trainees for seeds, watering cans etc.  The increased productivity of using a watering can results in repayment of capital typically within one season.